Our Process



Our first introduction meeting will allow us to find out more about who you are and your specific goals. There is no one-size-fits-all plan; everyone's needs and requirements are unique. It is a completely confidential, complimentary 30-minute appointment to help us understand what matters to you. It gives us a chance to determine if we will be the right wealth partners to help you achieve your goals.



In the next step, we take the time to learn as much as we can about your current financial situation and your future goals. We work alongside you to gather all the details of your current needs while identifying all of your future needs and requirements. We take all opportunities and risks into account before designing a completely tailor-made plan for you.



We will design a Retirement Income Strategy for you that will cover all of your goals. It will map out the stages of your financial journey and lay out any adjustments that need to be put in place to reach your goals.

Your strategy will include pension options, Social Security claiming strategies, insurance and portfolio analytics to determine which plans and products will best suit your needs. This plan is a guide to help you create predictable and sustainable retirement income.



Your formal Retirement Income Plan will include a supporting analysis of all parts of your plan, including Social Security, pensions (if applicable), and the current proposed allocation of assets and distribution of funds.

We will discuss any recommended changes and associated costs with our recommendations.



You will have the option to have us implement and monitor the plan for you as part of our Wealth Management package.

Alternatively, you can purchase the plan to implement and monitor yourself through our a la carte service offerings.



We meet annually to update your Retirement Income Plan and any supporting analytics needed. We also offer quarterly check-ins so you can schedule some time to chat with us and ask any questions about recent portfolio results in your plan.


Ongoing Support for Life Changes

In the event of any sudden or significant life changes, our team will be available to you at any time to discuss how these changes may impact your plan and will make adjustments accordingly.